Image optimization

Optimize and manipulate your images, just by changing the url!

Image optimization

For most websites images are the main cause for making them heavy to load. Both because they are usually quite many and also because they are big when it comes to file size. We want to make it easy for you to always serve optimized images with a correct size to your visitors.

With Skymorph you have two ways of controlling the file-size of you images. You can resize and crop your images so that they are just the necessary size for your needs. You can also reduce the file size by setting the JPEG-quality, run Optipng and control the numbers of colors in the color palette.

Skymorph will also remove unnecessary meta-data from your images making them even smaller. If you have rotation information in your meta-data you can choose to automatically rotate them correctly before the meta-data is stripped.

Google page speed

By using Skymorph our image optmization will help you score higher in the following areas:

Image manipulation

Skymorph offers much more than just optimizing! Below you can see some of the perks of using Skymorph:

  • Use any image format as input, get a web image as output
  • Auto rotate photos
  • Add watermarks
  • Modify with filters Grayscale, Sepia, Blur, Sharpen, Brightness and many more
  • Fallback image when image is not found

How it's done

You don't need to write a single line of code, you just have to change the path to your image, we will handle the rest!

  • Original path - <img src="/path/to/photo.jpg" width="350" alt="My nice photo" />
  • Optimized image with predefined rule - <img src="//" width="350" alt="My nice photo" />
  • Optimized image with query string - <img src="//" width="350" alt="My nice photo" />

Try some of the things you can do with Skymoph

Select test image:
Resize mode:
Anchor point:

Mark out the cropping area on the image and click the Apply-button below!

Remove noise:
Test output