Content delivery network

A CDN (Content delivery network) will speed up your site by caching and serving static resources to your visitors.

A CDN with brains!

A Content Delivery Network will significantly improve the speed of your web site by

  • Heavily reducing the number of request to your server
  • Allowing visitors to cache resources in their browsers
  • Spreading request across multiple domains and thus allowing parallell downloads
  • Sending the resource from a server as close to the visitor as possible
  • Beeing specialized and optimized for serving static resources as fast as possible

With Skymorph you'll get a CDN with brains that does all that but also a little bit more!

Google page speed

By using Skymorph our CDN will help you score higher in the following areas:

Let us do the work!

There are many reasons to use a Content Delivey Network, and even more why to use ours! The basics of a CDN is to let specialized and extremely fast data centers handle your static resourses (images, scripts, films). We use a pull-CDN which means that you don't even have to upload anyting to us, you just change the path and we will automatically fetch the resource from your server and distribute it from ours.

Once we have fetched the original resource from your server we will handle the rest. All subsequent calls to the same resource will be directly delivered from our servers without your server having to do anything.

Server locations

Below you can see a map of the locations of our data centers. Visitors will get the resources served from the nearest data center available to reduce the time it takes to transfer the files to them.